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Friday, 23 November 2012

why nine???

 WHY NINE ???!!

A cat has nine lives
but you have only one !!! say the roadside placards warning us to drive slow lest we lose that one life which is SO PRECIOUS .

then we have NAVRATRIS ----those sacred days of great significance ----before DUSHEHRA the KING of all festivals celebrated by ALL in this land of diversities .

oh !! and another set of navratris during  RAMNAVMI ---now even Lord Ram had to be born on the 9th day .

coming to lesser mortals ---we have NAO RAS---9 rasaas of human behaviour.  --9 moods or emotions

                        shringar---(love devotion)
                         karun----(sadness depression)
Why not 5 or 10 THINK!!!
now  lets close in on the number 9 in our immedite surroundings and amongst us

No!! lets let the royalty come in first ---a king has to give his love a nau lakha haar to please her or to show    his affection for her

a queen in turn demands and settles for nothing less than a  nau lakha haar .

The Emperor Akbar had 9 gems in his court the same ones which had BIRBALand TANSEN!! .amongst them .

we are supposed to be on cloud 9 when in a euphoric state

high school begins from the 9th standard onwards

we get to eat nav ratan korma in resturants

we play a game of 9 pins

and now to top it all -- there is this story of a lady who  used to store leftovers in the fridge for 9 consecutive days and then on the 9th night treat her family to a naulakha dinner actually  naurakha dinner ---ie comprising of stored- in food of the last 9 days ---hahaha !! the naurakha was changed to naulakha because at times even guests were invited for this special treat

and here's one that I know of personally ---long long time ago an industrialist in the place where I live bought a lot of land and built mansions for his self and his family ---now exactly in this neighbourhood was a small modest bunglow which was an eyesore for the Rich man and his estate---but this guy was new to the ways of the rich so  instead of just sending in goondas and throwing his neighbour out lock stock and barrel he went to his house   one day and after exchanging pleasantries and introducing himself --which was again a very very   humble  gesture --          
               unko kaun nahi janta thhaa!!!

             woh gaye unke ghar khuda ki nemat thhi
            kabhi woh unko kabhi apne ghar ko dekh rahe thhe

anyways ---so the Rich man asked the poor man
              aap yeh ghar bechna chahtey hain toh bataaiye ?

The poor man said ---haan agar 9 lakh mil jayein toh bech doo the rich man immediately took out his cheque book and wrote a cheque for 900000 INR now why on earth did the poor man say 9 lakhs couldnt he think of any other number ??why did 9 occur to him at the spur of the moment
the mansion  built on the rubbles of the old modest house is called  NAULAKHA GHAR

so guys and gals just THINK

yeh kaisa ninyanbey ka pher ??{ ninyanbey =99 :)}