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Thursday, 15 November 2012


                    Reels of silken thread,
                   Are woven into dreams.
                  Sometimes they bring a smile for you,
                  Sometimes they make you scream.

                  God willed that dreams be made of silk;
                  Of reels of silken thread;
                  Which He can at His will destroy
                  Or gift to us instead.

                "We come and go at your behest,
                  We dance to your tunes.
                  Oh! God let our dreams be ours
                  As  to  a  desert are sand-dunes.

                 They are our hopes and yearnings,
                 Let them with us remain.
                 O! Lord please let them be with us
                 From destroying them refrain."

                 "Let dreams be  dreams of joy
                Not nighmares which will us scare
                 We want to strive to fullfil them
                  Don't fill them with despair'"

                 "All through our lives we fight
                  The sun, the ice, the storm.
                Let  dreams  at least  please  flourish!!
                In sunlight , shade and the flowing calm.

                    LET ME BE THE CREATOR,
                    THE ACHIEVER,
                   THE DESTROYER,
                    LET ME BE THE GOD
                  IN THE DREAMS OF MY DESIRE.


  1. The power to create a world of our dreams.... the feeling is overwhelming. Exhilarating and scary at the same time! very nice poem. Keep writing!

    1. Thanks a lot Meenakshi

      please do keep visiting my posts ---you are so welcome ---just read some of your poems they are so nice

  2. Excellent!! I just loved it; and usually, I don't comprehend poems very well!! I so truly believe in the last verse!!