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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

five blind men

As the story goes
there were 5 blind men
 and they  came across an Elephant '
The one who caught hold of the trunk
said the elephant is  like a snake  slightly drunk ..

The  other got entangled in the tail
and said "I agree it is , a snake it is a snake".

The third when he felt both the ears
thought that the elephant  was a winnowing plate
which cleaned enough  grains to last enough years
and thought  he should buy one for him and his mate.

The 4th sat on the elephant,s back
and wondered if it was a biiiig tarmac?
 with slippery edges accident prone
as he slipped down with a groan.

the 5th wondered out aloud
as if he had uncovered a hidden shroud
"its a tree-its a tree
this is one and there are more three"

So friends this is the story of every land
you perceive 'IT' to be
as to you IT seems
to some its heaven
to some its nil
to some  its a land
where his ancestors lived

Home is where the hearth is
and country is where the Heart is .

some say its my   motherland
For some it is their father
some say they are for it concerned
some find much left to desire.

But ultimately
everyone compares
and hopes it to excel
so that they they may be proud to say
this is where they and theirs had  dwelt.

the bonds of blood ,are thicker than water
 the presence  of the genes so strong.
every word ---.anger,concern, love and respect
say that this is where they still belong.

His DNA will bring him home, however far may one run away.
at dusk he wants to find a way ,to come back to his roots
and breathe the air of his land,before he breathes his last
 and his soul fly's away on the wings of a big curlew.


  1. That's true! The story of blinds and the elephant I had heard earlier.

  2. Very True it is.
    Nice Post.

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    1. Thanks alot Avichal Please do keep visiting

  3. Telling this story in poetic form was a great idea Rajni & how you have entwined it with our affinity for our roots.Truly a fine poem!!

    1. Thankyou so much Indu ji

      Its such a pleasure to see you appreciate
      warm regards

  4. lovely post!! enjoyed reading your version of elephant the the blind men story.

      Thankyou so much so glad you liked it
      warm regards

  5. Replies
    1. Thankyou JK
      glad you liked it
      please do keep visiting

  6. Hi Rajni,

    Quite true, perception is what this life is all about. Every situation in life is different for different people. Some people remain cool and calm in a situation where others, simply, start ripping off their hairs.

    Nice post, thought provoking.

    Happy New Year to you. :)


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  7. Hi Rajni,

    My daughter has this story in her syllabus this year, but you gave it an excellent poetic twist.

    Nice read!true Home is where the hearth is, but still ties never snap with your original native land.