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Saturday, 22 December 2012





Just one thing


A promise to be worthy of being called a HUMAN BEING.

Because that is the one attribute which we have lost--the trait of humanity.'the traits of being human'.

Ugh! I am so ashamed of myself to have stooped so low that I can't face GOD ---what right have I to live in HIS world.
 He who is omnipresent.

His eyes follow me --HE smiles at me a sad beseeching smile --a pleading smile-------and I look away .

He asks me ---"I called you my greatest creation!!!
Did I fail in some way in giving you love and affection?
Did I fail in coming up to your expectations as a parent?"

"Tell me my child and I will rectify my mistakes --ask me for that which I denied you -and I will fulfill your desires--Please forgive me for my failures.

"But please live up to your reputation DON'T please  DON'T let my other creations ridicule me"

The agony the shame in GOD's pleadings is so obvious.
Can we deny any one of these charges?

So I pledge to my motherland that I will now become a human in deeds----and not a two legged beast.

My country needs peace ,harmony.happiness and this can be achieved only by HUMANITARIAN behavior  no amount of literacy will bring peace until  their is empathy in the feelings until our conscience can empathize with the miseries of our fellow Humans.

We have to forego this attitude of ours the OSTRICH syndrome.
We have to realize that All is not well with the world.
Materialism will not bring us riches.
Money is not everything---Let us recall that fable,the story of MIDAS Did he get Happiness??

Its for us to realize that everything comes full circle If we spread unhappiness, greed, selfishness then we are not going to be spared them .A time will come when we will have to pay for our misdeeds.
MIDAS in his greed asked God for the gift of the miracle-touch.When he touched his daughter AND she turned into gold he realized that happiness for him was his daughter not a golden statue. He of course was just a character in a story and God gave him back his daughter on seeing his repentance.

BUT we will not be that lucky.

We are mere mortals who will be punished for our deeds---History has already shared with us many stories and anecdotes for us learn our lessons from .Now no more .
History wants to add new chapters to its books what they will be, is for us to decide.

Is it going to be GOLDEN HISTORY OF INDIA.
OR Will the book be titled INDIA BACK TO THE DARK AGES.

ITS high time we woke up .Woke up to the needs of the poor.
woke up to the needs of our fellow countrymen and women. Like I said the ostrich syndrome is not the answer , we should not wait for our own children to turn into golden statues and then pray to GOD for the water of salvation, WE should stop that situation from arising.

Its time we realized that the words ' THE WHOLE WORLD IS A FAMILY' is not just a slogan the whole world is actually a family sooner or later everything does boomerang whether it be a smile or it be a frown. Every thing does have its repercussions its effects both bad and good on all the members of the family.

My motherland ; has reached that pathetic stage where she has become a helpless mother who is unable to control her prodigal children .

Those children who she once thought would be her strength are fighting among themselves in the name of religion ,language, property and have no apprehensions about killing their own flesh and blood they are not ashamed of aborting the girl child they are not ashamed of burning brides their greed has killed their conscience .They are killing the innocent just for a few pieces of gold .

I am not Santa Claus had I been one I would have gifted my motherland and also this world the gift of tolerance, of love, of gratitude ,of understanding OF HUMANITY .

But being a daughter of this my motherland I can only ask her to forgive me and my fellow human beings the misdeeds committed by us .

AND I promise to her that I together with my other fellow countrymen will one day give her back the days of her glory and make her proud of her children .



  1. Hi Rajni,

    I echo the thoughts and views expressed in this post. It is true, that having a materialistic view of the world will not take us anywhere. After all, we do not carry materials with us after death, we carry memories and leave behind a legacy for our names. People should strive towards an ideal, not materials.
    Good post Rajni. :)


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  2. All we can really do to make democracy work is to unite and devote a little time each week towards just one cause that is dear to our hearts, Rajni. That will bring us closer to the India of your dreams than anything else.

    1. How true KayEm
      Bu the million dollar question is the word ---UNITE---the problem with the Indian psyche is that individually we do wonders but as a group or as a nation our ego comes in between or may be we want all the claps for ourself ---whatever be the reason ---but doing anything as a collective is wishful thinking

      Thankyou so much for valuable idea wish people ead this and think on the same lines
      warm regards

  3. AMEN..

    Materialism is not the answer for an egalitarian and human world.. The answer lies within.. We need to introspect and improve..

    Nice Post Rajni..

  4. The worst effects of this die-hard materialistic outlook will be imminent when the present generation grows up.Then we will see a breaking up of families & relationships--everybody living for I,ME,MYSELF.And we can't blame the youngsters for being that way because this is what they see all around them.

    1. Yes Indu ji
      that is the worst fear and we are responsible for it ---lets wake up atleast now
      thanks for the visit
      warm regards