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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Parachute Advansed Body Lotion - Bring Back The Touch

Varun the ever busy , successful and dedicated doctor and Rita the successful CEO of a multinational  had  married out of choice they were both deeply in love and understood each other's busy schedules    work related tensions and co-operated with each other always  . He was the understanding husband and she the never-nagging wife . These qualities  and their behaviour towards each other showed  results and both of them became very successful in their respective professions.

Both loved each other and pledged to themselves that they would always help the other---they pledged to themselves that they would always be the giver and never demand anything .  But then as we all know too much of everything is bad and their dedication towards their respective professions sort of began taking away the romance from  their relationship --- Romance which is the main ingredient of a successful Marriage .

They both realised and felt the diminishing of the feeling of  love  , even when together they were a bit apprehensive and there was some kind of hesitation in the way they talked and  behaved --they behaved more like good colleagues than like husband and wife.

In there attempt to bring back the warmth in their relationship they tried their level best He would bring flowers for her and take her out to dinner etc --she in her attempt would make the best food and prefer to  let him spend time and rest at home thinking he was tired --she would do all the jobs in the house letting him rest and attend to his work ---he in turn would never ask her to do anything for his self thus trying not to create any kind of  problems for her .

BUT then marriage is not about sacrifice it is about fulfilment , it is all about belonging ---there is that feeling of giving in the taking .It was Rita who realised this .She felt that the " something" missing in their relationship was the "touch of love " . She had noticed that they had not touched eachother since a long time --leave alone touch as in a  sensuous act --they had not touched each other even as two human beings ---even if she gave him a glass of water she would carry it in a tray and he would pick it up.

They both yearned for the brushing of their skin with each other --she was dying to be in his arms and he was longing to hold her , kiss her BUT over the years and days which they had given to their careers they had almost forgotten how to go near each other forget kissing and holding.They both wanted it badly but just did not know how to go about it ---a wall had built itself between both of them --They slept in the same room and shared their bed but it was like sleeping with a stranger ---many a times they both reached out for the other but stopped midway --not wanting to disturb .

Rita could hold it no longer and wanted to be clasped by Varun come what may.One day she  made up her mind to drop all inhibitions and run into his arms when he came home ---but as luck or bad luck would have it Varun had to go out of town for some important meeting of the medical association and  did not come home from the  hospital   he took a flight directly from the office and rang her to tell her that he would be away for five days .Rita was heart broken and spent that night languishing.

Unable to sleep she went and took out some magazines --where she saw an article about skincare.It showed  many advertisements  of products for  skin care, the one that caught her fancy belonged to Parachute It said that one can have smooth and soft skin in four days with the help of Parachute Advanced Body lotion .She immediately decided to buy this product and use it to soften her skin and then her touch  would be able give Varun the same feel as that which he was crazy about in their courting and early marriage days. She knew her skin had become dull and rough due to neglect. What made her think of using this Parachute product was their ad which said that you could see a visible change for the better in just four days and experience had taught Rita to believe whatever the Parachute people said.

 She knew and her mother had always told her that Parachute never lies it means what it says .

The next day her dressing table saw a bottle of Parachute Advanced Body Lotion and her tired skin felt rejuvenated as the first drop touched it . She applied Parachute Advanced  Body Lotion regularly for 4 days and on the fifth day when Varun returned she was waiting for him at the airport with a dazzling smile and a glowing skin . It was a pleasant surprise  for him to see her instead of the chauffeur .As he walked towards her with a smile she took his hands and wrapped it around her waist ---and trying to get as close to him  as she could in a public place she inquired about how his trip had been .He was astonished at her behaviour and when his hand went round her waist he just couldn't resist the temptation to give her a peck on her cheeks ---that was all he could do considering his post and the presence of his staff at the airport.

Giving instructions to his subordinates to proceed to the office He told them they could take the day off and to be present at the office the next day He took the car-keys from the driver and gave him a half day off too and then drove away with Rita . The driver and the staff had all seen this change in his behaviour and smiled to each other when they saw through the rear window of the car that he had pulled Rita and she had snuggled up to him . The staff  who loved him were now happy for him .

Back home they dragged each other to the bedroom and lost no time in falling into an embrace ---Oh how they had yearned for it . Later on as they lay in each others arms whispering sweet nothings  Varun could not help commenting that she was as beautiful and her touch as smooth and soft as when they had been just married .She smiled and told him about the Parachute Advanced Body Lotion  and he said ---"

Thank you Parachute for bringing my love back to me how I had missed her touch ---no amount of  silent love , talking eyes , sacrifice and understanding can bring that into a marriage what a touch can --after all marriage  was all about getting the licence to"touch and feel and become One With Each Other ".

This is my entry to Parachute Advanced body Lotion --contest

the link being hashtag being # Bring Back the Touch.



  1. One confession--i avoid contest posts because i find them a drag,but you do manage to infuse interest in them.This was a good one.
    Love n hugs.

    1. hahah Indu ji

      you have paid me a BIG compliment ---and Thankyou So much ---hope to keep your interests in my writings alive ----will work harder :)
      and regards