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Monday, 17 November 2014

Toilet for Babli

 Babli and Bunty were two children from the same village and were bosom pals .They used to share all their games , gifts everything and understood each other very well .Both of them  grew up together and had the same dreams and the same ambitions .They were the kind of children who keep themselves abreast of the activities of the world  and both hated their village .What they hated most was the fact that their Village was so dirty ,they hated the sight of people using the roadside as a public toilet and scum and excreta lying around no place was clean what with flies and insects buzzing around and they hated the fact that they had no toilets inside their homes either.Babli was a sensitive girl and empathised with her aunts and other female friends and relatives when they talked about the discomfort of going out in the open to attend to the call of nature and the embarrassment they felt when they could sense the leering looks in the eyes of the male members of the village.

In fact Babli who was now growing up  felt very uncomfortable to go to the bushes for defecating or to the river banks for bathing having to face the remarks of young vagabonds who would not shy away from making indecent gestures using the roadside as their private toilets. Both of them decided to escape from the dirty village  and go to some big city to lead a comfortable life and they made up their minds that once they make it big in the posh ,and urban world( which their young minds thought would have clean roadsides, proper toilets and better living conditions )  they would take their parents to live with them. BUT  they found that the cities were not much different from their village as far as public toilets and cleanliness were concerned .They had to see the same sights of children sitting down and  littering the streets with their night- soil dogs loitering and flies buzzing around creating excellent   conditions for health hazards to take birth.And women facing the same problems of lack of any public toilet . In fact they were quite disillusioned and decided that they will go back to their village once they made some money and make a house of their own with better living conditions and even improve the plight of the rest of the villagers .

But as it normally happens with innocent village children who run away from home --they fell into bad company and their innocent minds began thinking in terms of making fast money .They found  opportunities and succeeded in making a name( what if slightly dubious) for themselves and earning a lot of money which is the other word for success but there was one big problem they had to face during their escapades ---that was the lack of TOILET  facilities .You can very well imagine and understand their predicament when so many of their important assignments were left in the lurch only because of inability to attend to their call of nature. Just visualize them  after a bank robbery  making good their escape  in a stolen car with no one any the wiser or having a clue to where they had vanished  but then suddenly they have to  stop because not having come across any toilets in the city they were holding their urge to attend to the call of nature and so they get down to relieve themselves in the open and then are spotted by the police .and sent to jail 

And this is exactly what happened with them on their last adventure .

Just when they had decided that they had earned enough money and also enough popularity and that the police had now become  aware that they were the couple responsible for so many bank robberies They decided to take one last chance and go back to the village with their ""earnings " when misfortune struck and they were caught while they had to get down from their stolen car in desperation to relieve themselves near some bushes on the roadside just outside the city limits.

Poor Babli and Bunty how they cursed their Kismat .They let out a lot of abuses to the lack of facilities .

But then they did not know that in  India we consider sex to be such a taboo and such a hush hush  topic that we even add the basic need of attending to the  call of nature to this category AND whereas  we don't forget to provide eateries and paan shops and even general stores all through out our travel routes ,our cities and towns and villages WE conveniently forget to provide public toilets ---but then where Bunty being a Male was free to relieve himself in the open poor Babli had to control her urge until she could find a place away from the visibility range of humans specially men .

By the way let me tell you that it is only the modern Indian authorities who ignore this important facility Because as far as history tells us our rulers of the past Sher Shah Suri , Akbar, Ashoka had all provided their subjects with inns and toilets in cities and on travel routes and even Harappa and Mohenjodaro boast of public toilets and bathing places ---BUT the modern Indian doesn't need them he is happy to use the open air and the roadsides  blissfully unaware of the pollution he is spreading .

Oh yes !! did you notice what I have written in the last line of the above paragraph ---no---well let me copy paste it for you """BUT the modern Indian doesn't need them he is happy to use the open air and the roadsides  blissfully unaware of the pollution he is spreading .""""I have used the word HE ---because the Indian male indeed is happy and relaxed, for him the whole world( country) is a toilet and he is free to use it as and when required and needed .But the poor Indian female our very own Babli !! what about her ? has any one ever thought of her dilemna ---the embarrassment she has to face looking for a place to relieve , she has to ignore the meaningful eyes of the men to reach a place  out of their visibility range ---not only on travel routes and cities but even in their"" homes""" whereas  the men brazenly walk out  whenever the need arises the women have to secretly go out pretending they are going out for some work . Because their homes are devoid of any sort of toilet or bathroom ----result they are the target of the lustful eyes of the loitering romeos and at times get molested or raped too . And if she is lucky enough not to face  these terrors she has the disadvantage of getting Urinary Tract Infections by holding her urine for too long .

It's time our government  realised the need to provide proper toilet facilities both  private and public. And saw  to it that the rules are followed  strictly.

And special importance has to be given to the need for toilets for women to protect them from many illnesses like UTIs and more importantly  from the indecent glaring gazes of menfolk moral police where are you please look into this ---or do you think women should not attend to their call of nature --kya jaroorat hai " but what to do?  ghar mei bhi toh bathroom and toilets nahi hai ---jaye toh jaye kahaan !!??

Thankfully  DOMEX has taken up the initiative to make Indian villages "open defecation free"they  have brought a change in the villages of Maharashtra and Orissa .

A Domex Toilet Academy was launched on 19th November 2013 and it aims at providing sanitation which is beneficial to the local community and to the local economy by providing facilities which make toilets affordable and accessible and it promotes  cleanliness and good hygiene  they  are now aiming at building 24000 toilets by 2015 in rural areas faced with the problem of open defecation----thus not only helping the environment to become pollution free but also helping men and women to keep their dignity intact..

Babli and Bunty would not have landed into the clutches of the police had they not left their village disgusted with lack of proper toilets ----its another story that the police let them off  when they told them that they were going back to their village with the intention of improving their living conditions there and that they had heard about the DOMEX INTIATIVE and were planning to join hands with them.

This is my entry for the Domex Intiative and the link is -----

You can bring about the change in the lives of millions of kids, thereby showing your support for the Domex Initiative. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.


  1. This is truly a very noble cause and i have done my bit.I have always felt very bad for our villagers--no sewage,no toilets.filth here and there.India gained independence nearly 70 yrs ago but nothing has been done for our villages.

    An American friend of mine once remarked that there is a gaping difference between our cities and villages.

    Lots of love.

  2. Thanks a lot Induji

    So nice to see you ---yes it is a sad state of affairs our insensitivity towards such a sensitive issue.
    Lets hope something concrete happens ---and this Initiative by Domex seems to have had positive results ---lets hope for the best
    warm regards