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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Ab Montu jor se bolega --bin bole ab nahi chalega

Don’t be a silent spectator. Raise your voice and make a difference. that's what the campaign says and I agree totally with each and every word used 

.Because Only when you speak will you be heard .and if you want to be heard you have to raise your voice .

Like they say communicating is the most important factor in a relationship .Like they say lets sit across the table and solve . 

How are products sold in the market ? with excellent ads and slogans and marketing campaigns 

How do great business houses , companies  organizations reach their target of excellence by communicating with their employees and conveying to them their strategies .

And how do leaders motivate and inspire their people ....through communication through their speeches they instil the fire in their followers through  the way they deliver their speeches and put forth their points they know how to convince. Many  a times the moral of an army is raised and a war which may have been lost is won only due to the feeling of national pride which a speech by a leader conveys.This is why good orators are always a treasure.

Fiery speeches have always been the starting point to awaken the downtrodden How do you think we started the first war of independence in 1857 speeches and messages conveyed by leaders like Rani Lakshmi bai ,Tatya Tope , Mangal Pandey etc How do you think  did  Mahatma Gandhi instil  the need to fight for freedom from the British by his speech which though not fiery in the loud sense of the word were fiery enough to strike the "Indian Heart" his WORDS convinced the average Indian that it was time to become free of foreign rule .

Similarly If we want to become free of all that is dirty in our country If we want to make India free of all forms of corruption WE will have to SPEAK and make ourselves heard .

No woman will become free of mail domination until she speaks until she tells the world what is happening with her , how  she is being ill treated no messiah no Raja Ram Mohan Roy is going to come forward until he is made aware of the happenings .SO RAISE YOUR VOICE  AND BE HEARD.

No Corrupt official is going to be brought to book until you speak and let the officials know about the bribes being demanded . SO RAISE YOUR VOICE AND  BE HEARD .

Everywhere all around if there is any injustice you have to Raise your voice and only then will you be heard .

Please don't nod in agreement with my points saying that yes these issues of Womens plights , bribery, etc  need voices to be raised as they are very important anomalies of our society and strong steps have to be taken to eradicate them EQUALLY IMPORTANT and DISGUSTING are the problems of  CLEANLINESS in our country . Aren't you ashamed of the state in which you find your roadsides littered not only with trash but also human excreta night soil etc How do you feel when you see walls painted with urine stains and paan stains , How do you feel when while walking on the road your feet fall on and stamp sputum or excreta or even a a banan skin.

Don't the rains give you the creeps if you have to go out ? first of all we are scared of the water logging and then jittery at imagining what all our  feet will come across while crossing the water .

So please don't take things lying down stand up and   Raise your voice because its our Indian mentality that unless your voice is Raised and tone and volume convey the message that you mean BUSINESS no one will pay attention We don't believe in politeness and softness WE have to hammer it into the heads of the people concerned . Why blame the authorities and the politicians even at home if I tell my children politely that they should not throw litter around , or that they should not waste electricity a sweet and polite request will not be heeded But once I raise my voice they will follow all my orders .

So friends RAISE YOUR VOICE  and free India of all that is corrupt because corruption is in our attitude our habits are a product of our attitude. Its attitudinal change which is required . 

And if while trying to Raise your voice you have some irritation or repeated endearments fail then please take some throat soother like 'strepsils'  .Because one thing is sure this cleaning of the Indian Society of all the dirt and muck of corruption  in attitude and in the minds will not be an easy job you will have to work very hard and try and convince the public This cleaning is no less important than the fight for independence from  a foreign rule Because it is a FIGHT OF INDEPENDENCE  from MENTAL SLAVERY  You will have to teach people the importance of punctuality , of cleanliness from dirt  to cleanliness from  corrupt attitudes etc etc .and this is exactly what has been shown in the video titled Ab Montu Bolega ---because it shows that in order to be heard you have to raise your voice .

So when we say "Badhega Bharat ---Swachch Banega Bhara" we mean that when we clean India of all dirt all shackles of the likes of trash , litter , rubbish and mental trash like prejudices , superstitions, wrong ideas and beliefs only then will our country proceed on the path of development.

We should not forget that Cleanliness is next to Godliness be it physical cleanliness , clean personal hygiene or be it cleanliness from mental slavery and we have to Raise our voice we have to speak out and make ourselves heard with a clear strong voice devoid of any hesitation or roadblocks of coughing and sneezing and faltering .

This is my entry for the Strepsils "Don't be a silent spectator" contest on Indiblogger 

the hashtag being ...

#AbMontuBolega--the power of voice   on Indiblogger and the links are as follows


  1. I began to read this 3 daysago but could not finish it.
    Very relevant Rajni,but it is really sad that most of those who have joined this campaign are making cosmetic efforts not realistic ones.

    1. Good Morning Indu ji Agree with you totally

      People don't seem to be serious about the campaign ----they have still not been able to understand the importance of Cleanliness ---habits die hard ---it is an uphill task to Actually make people understand-- that is why ----Ab Montu JOr se Bolega ---
      Thank you for the visit
      lots of Love