Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A Paisa Vasool flight

Why Bigger is better for Indian aviation ------Now that is not  really a difficult or Big   question to answer ---

Its all very simple the answer is ....

 We all know India is a BIG country --with,Big problems  needing Big solutions  and  the root cause of these Biig problems are  the  BiiiiiG families  which go on becoming Biiiger inspite of so many family planning programmes etc .-and even if some families are trying to curtail their size  but we still carry our legacy of travelling with Big luggage .

while travelling we like to carry .

1. food of all kinds we start preparing for the journey atleast 2 days beforehand --we take special care to take everything from salt , to sugar to raw onions and green chillies , and pickles  to puri sabzi as if we will not get any food on the route and what is more we even prepare some long forgotten delicacies just to eat them on the way --BUT we also buy the food from the vendors and the food cart.

2. Then however small the journey we always keep a needle and thread and some spare buttons  after all we may need them .

3  Some antiseptic and cotton  and bandage and paracetamol and even cotton buds ---now this is not to be blamed its okay  to carry these after all emergencies  may crop up .

4  At home we may ask granny to try and bear the pain a little but while travelling her small leg stool has to be there for her to rest her arthritic feet

5. very rarely do we travel alone except on official tours , otherwise we like to travel with the whole family and though the joint family is becoming extinct but while on a vacation we make joint ventures together with  uncles and aunts and cousins and grandparents and even a "Ramu" the ancestral servant who has been serving the family since generations and is treated like a family member  all are included --the more the merrier or the bigger the group  the better .

Its all these reasons why Bigger is better for Indian Aviation .....because its all these reasons that make us avoid air travel specially for vacations and holidays in short when we want to enjoy travelling we avoid Air Travel we don't mind spending a little more time travelling but  sitting cramped up in planes and without any proper food and not being able to chat with family or share an item is just not acceptable to us .

BUT looks like Lufthansa A380 is about to bring a change in the atmosphere ( the pun here is intended)

Its a double decker aircraft Business class seats and also Economy class have personal televisions.

Then though I have not flown in the aircraft till now,people who have used the facilities give a very bright picture of the A 380 ---flexible head rests with comfortable  and generous  reclines , extra leg room width , window seats are not necessary as there are cameras available and you can even watch the landing and the take off with the help of the three camera angles fitted outside the plane --this is a special treat for kids .The service is good and the food too is liked by all. Lufthansa first class is loved too as it has a seat and a bed per person and secondly there is convenient storage in the seat to store clothes etc and not to forget the bathroom which is very spacious and has cabinets .

The best and a unique  facility is  the Audio entertainment available with each seat in EVERY CLASS including CD and international radio channels ---now that's what I call complete Paisa Vasool .

 Paisa Vasool is a very important characteristic of us Indians 

we always keep our eyes on the perks attached more than the 
salary when we go job hunting , we go to that sale outlet which gives us ek pe ek free or to that vegetable vendor who adds that free "dhania mirchi" to our vegetable basket .Even while buying a car the one thing we are more concerned about than any other feature is---"kitna Deti Hai " meaning what is the mileage or how many kilometres per litre does it go so that we may extract the most from our rupee That according to us is the biggest perk a car can give.

So with all these added features of extra leg room , generous  reclines , good service good food extra cameras Audio entertainment , bigger bathrooms ....phew.....and so many more perks  Lufthansa A380 the largest commercial aircraft in history will be  to be a winner on the Indian sky .

This is my entry for the Lufthansa A 380 contest on Indiblogger 

hashtag  #LufthansaA380

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  1. nice one! we are indeed very paisa vasool types! all the best :)

    1. Thankyou so much Ankita ---thanks for visiting and appreciating and for the wishes too :)

  2. Nice post, but lots of exposed codes.. you may want to fix it