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Friday, 15 May 2015

Happy to be alive

Smart phones are the latest technical wonder as far as I am concerned .

 I am a BIG fan of mobile phones from the time the first one hit the market I just couldn't help admiring those  black objects which I could   hold in my palms and carry them everywhere ---and which had made connectivity so easy for all ----the fear of being lost had just vanished and the ability to trace people's whereabouts had come within my reach .

'No children would cry
No husbands could lie'

was my slogan for the usefulness of mobile phones.

Then as days and years and time flew past new innovations began to appear on these mobile phones

They became sleeker , lighter , easier to carry and were accompanied by many many more facilities , radio , camera ,   chats and of  course the latest 'APPS'  .

Apps as I have understood them to be, are made to make life simpler for us .They are self contained programs used to enhance the existing functions of a mobile in a simpler  way They make the mobile more user friendly eg they remember your login information for next time and present critical data. They make life easier and tasks better suited to mobile use . 

In fact when I had asked my husband to download an app into his smartphone when we had bought one he had brushed aside my suggestion as rubbish making fun of me saying that these apps were not for people of our age they were for the young , because it was the young generation who used mobiles for both play and work .He said apps were for teenagers to dance and sing and chat and watch movies  or for trendy people with rich luxurious lifestyles or for businessmen and CEO's who needed information etc at their fingertips Apps according to him were not for us  senior citizens who were leading a sedate life and who had all the time in the world to walk down to the electricity office to pay the bill or who needed an excuse to walk down and meet people and make friends to kill time .

Then he happened to see my daughter's phone with an app and he was brain washed into going in for one when he saw the benefits ,and how easy life could become with the help of these apps .And he could do the same activities of walking down the lane and making friends without the mental tension of reaching the billing office in time. By the way let me tell you he is addicted to the computer , social sites and blogging sites  even the news he prefers to read on the computer instead of the TV. IPL and world cup and test matches are all watched  on the computer than on the TV .So naturally he found the app to be a  more convenient and comfortable option than a plain simple mobile. He need not sit on a desk top if he downloaded one of these apps .. 
  Then we discovered the other advantages --
Apps install in seconds
  •  Apps are always available.
  • Apps are always up-to-date
  • Apps won’t crash your computer.
  • .
  • Now came the time to select which App to down load and the choice automatically fell on "My Airtel App'  Because of the benefits it offered. As the advertisement . says "

  • My Airtel App with its simple and intuitive design helps you manage all your DTH, Broadband, Prepaid & postpaid services in one place. Apart from amazing offers for post paid and pre paid users it also helps you pay your bills, recharge your DTH, track account usage, track service requests, buy products, add your family & friends’ numbers and much more. It's the simplest way to manage all your Airtel services through your handset! "

  • And above all,  all features were available on Android.
  • And then as my daughter explained the features and their  benefits we  became more determined with the choice 
  • We found that the 2G and 3G data recharge facility and special recharge offers were so welcome 
  • and what  can be more appealing to a retired person than the free coupons on every recharge .
My Airtel app - The smartest way to recharge, pay bills & manage all  airtel mobile, 3G dongle, landline/broadband & DTH accounts at ONE place.----REALLY !!!

The new  Shake  feature !!!!  .hahahah we are supposed to just shake our phones and get to know  about the amazing savings offers .Its like shake your phone and listen to the sound of savings every time you recharge.Dad don't use it like a toy " jhunjhuna" to listen to the jingling of bells said  my daughter and laughter ensued .

We went through the advertisement  once again and reading the literature provided, we discovered that --

"PCIDSS certification makes the myAirtel app the most Safe amazing recharge benefits, recharge offers & free coupons when you recharge or pay bills.    and allows fastest checkouts with card store feature for prepaid online mobile recharge, Digital TV DTH recharge, data card / dongle recharges, 3G pack recharge, postpaid online mobile bill payment, landline & broadband bill payment and airtel money load cash.
Not only this, Now Enjoy ‘Airtel Surprises’ free coupons on every recharge & bill payment. Just recharge with any amount & get offers on every recharge transaction. We also have special recharge offers designed especially for you on recharges and bill payments

Be smart with ‘I Want to’ feature - Save your frequent recharges & bill payments on homescreen.
Manage all your services & raise all your complaints & requests at one touch with 24X7 customer care".

The above excerpt from the ad was all we needed because it gave us THREE reasons to select MyAirtel App ------firstly .what suits the lifestyle of an elderly couple more than paying your bills without getting into a queue Its a Godsend 
 secondly saving money through offers and a service provider with 24x7 customer care what more can we ask for 
.and last but not the least in fact I personally find this third point most important  exchanging your cash benefit coupons for sandwiches  and coffee and movie tickets  ( i.e shopping, food , wellness, entertainment) and also online shopping on sites like  Flipkart,  Amazon Because for us above 60's these things are as important as any other technical wonder a sandwich without shelling out cash from ones savings   wow  !  had this facility been their say about 15 years back I would have redeemed all the coupons with VLCC . lol

These wonderful technical wonders  of modern times make one" happy to be alive ".

 So it is done and decided that we go for MyAirtel App 


  1. All these apps make life easy no doubt but i am tech-challenged.Sad !

    Love n hugs.

    1. Yes Indu ji I too used to be tech-challenged till I tried some of these modern inventions and saw that they were really helpful making one Happy to be alive :) thankyou so much for visiting warm regards
      rajni :)