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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Khelo Dimag se ---Ek Nayi League ---the brain game

Ek Nayi League a new  show by Kapil Dev and we have to blog about it !!!

Saw this alert at  6 pm yesterday 6th May 2015 and racked and wrecked my head thinking about it what could it be ? one thing was sure it had to be a league not a knock out . It  had celebrities  and  because it was a league it had to have teams consisting of these celebrities . May be the layman from the audience too will be included by the team leaders in their teams. And yes may be they will all put their heads together to discuss the answer and the leader will put it forth.

One thing I am sure is that it has to be a question and answer session because there are those googlies to face ----hee! hee! got it Kapil Pa ji throws a question and  your answer has to be in  question form ---some thing like

 ek sawal mai karoo  ------------------------------------I will ask a question
 ek sawal tum karo--------------------------------------you too ask a question
har sawal ka jawab hi sawal ho----------------------thus making each question an answer for the other .

This way it wouldn't be a direct answer and the question of becoming a "Hit wicket" will not arise .A lot of 'brains' or' Dimag' will be required to think and frame a question so there won't be time to play 'Dil Se' ( from the heart). Lots of thinking( Soch) will be required like Kapil Dev says " socho socho" (think, think) .

There will be a buzzer round ---or will it be there ? I think  a Buzzer round is a must to ensure a googly ..

The audience may  include  family members of the celebrities so that more fun and glamour enters. ...

Each question may  carry marks  some of which  may   later be exchanged for money and donated for some good social cause , like for the betterment  of the girl child , rehabilitation for acid attack or rape victims ; victims of  natural calamities may also be benefited by the money donated eg relief measures for the Nepal earthquake victims may be provided from this money ---the programme will  be heavily sponsored and considering its a programme by Kapil Dev and the players are celebrities there is not going to be any dearth of sponsors .

This point about donating for a good cause came to my mind  because I know  Kapil Dev is a very good human being a humanitarian at heart  a human par excellence so there will be some social cause to be benefited . The celebrities will be achievers from all fields sports,  show biz , politics social  activists  and they will include veterans as well as contemporaries and budding ones.

Apart from social causes the show will , I think also promote and help budding talents  by providing them with opportunities  , exposure and financial help .

Then there will be international stars too specially from the  sports  arena  a la IPL style .Encouraging international bonhomie .

I think I have made a lot of guesses and now should wait for the actual launching of the programme today at Mumbai ---and let the curtains rise . .

We are all waiting with bated breath for this new Mega Event .

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  1. This show ought to be interesting--let us see.
    Love n hugs.

    1. Yes Indu JI

      and coming from Kapil Dev it really is going to be interesting and popular ---thanks for the visit

  2. Kapil Dev was the bulwark of Indian bowling attack for over a decade and a half. It is great to see him come up with a show that supports social causes. Although I tend to stay away from reality shows on the Indian tele-media for their knack of trivialising even the brightest of ideas, I may just watch this one.

    1. Umashankar ji
      Yes we are all eager to know what it is ----this post was in response to a campaign where we were all supposed to guess what this game by Kapil Dev would be ---finally the suspense is out and the name of the game has been announced "The Indian Trading League " the other details are still a suspense BUT yes coming from Kapil Dev it is bound to be interesting and will draw a big audience ----everyone is waiting eagerly .
      Thanks a lot for the visit
      warm regards