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Friday, 10 July 2015

Love you Honey

In this fast food era any kind of celebration or jubilation leads us to a junk food store and we all , the young as well as the old and also the very old tend to drool over Pizzas, samosas burgers, and gulabjamuns and rassogullas resulting in large  to extra large bellies  and then we come across an invitation to a get together where we want to look ravishing and want to wear that ravishingly beautiful black dress but the mirror does not comply with your wishes and you are aghast on seeing those bulges hiding the curves ( for (girls) or those bulges hiding the 6 pack abs ( for boys) And we tend to go for crash diets which do more harm and less good these very low calorie regimens are based on the wrong theory that the body needs help eliminating waste they are called Master cleansers this involves drinking only a water , lemon juice and some other ingredients and nothing else for several days This does bring about   fast weight loss but this rapid weight loss results in slow metabolism leading to future weight gain .Crash diets can weaken the immune system and increase risks of dehydration , heart palpitations and cardiac arrest .All the shrinking and growing results in tears which create a set up of atherosclerosis .Crash diets can also cause a drop in blood pressure and sodium depletion.But its important to lose weight the best way to do so is to exercise regularly and follow a simple diet ---but what about the weight which is already accumulated ? for this start and stick to a diet comprising of fruits, vegetables, lean meats fish and whole grain and for that extra speed in other words to accelerate go to the shelter of NECTAR !!! yes known as  HONEY 

The nutritional and medicinal qualities  of honey have been accepted since time immemorial It has been mentioned in the Vedas , as also in Greek, Roman Christian and Islamic texts .The healing qualities of Honey have been mentioned by Aristotle, Hippocrates and Arab physicians too.

Over four thousand years ago Honey was used in Ayurvedic medicines to treat material imbalances in the body . The pre Ancient Egyptians used it to treat wounds The Greeks believed that Honey could help you live longer The Qoran also praises  the healing powers of honey .
Honey is specially beneficial in wieght loss programmes because it helps in digesting sugar , utilizing vitamins and minerals stored in the body thus using up many essential nutrients which are essential for dissolving fats and cholesterol.

Sugar lacks in vitamins and minerals that is why we gain weight when we eat too much sugar whereas Honey is a good source of nutrients such as proteins , water, energy , fibre, sugars and also minerals like iron, sodium, potassium.phosphorus zinc and calcium The vitamins present in Honey are folate, niacin, riboflavin Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 and it has the ability to mobilize stored fat .

Honey is one ingredients which is very very useful in weight loss diets .

Nearly all of us know that drinking lemon juice in warm water together with a spoonful of honey first thing in the morning is ideal for weight loss ---this is because it helps to increase body metabolism .

Honey and cinnamon dissolved in warm water too work in the same way and are supposed to be very effective in weight loss in addition it also controls cholesterol .

Ginger tea which is an excellent metabolism booster by itself works miracles for weight watchers/losers when taken together with honey twenty minutes before meals .

 There is another Good news for weight watchers and this one seems to be alluring too because it is called the HIBERNATION DIET --now everyone knows the meaning of hibernation so what can be more tempting than sleeping and loosing weight . 

Hibernation diet says that if we take a spoonful of honey  before going to bed either as a warm drink or straight from the jar it will fuel the liver , speed up fat burning metabolism and also ease stress hormones .This discovery is made by British pharmacist Mike Mclnnes  and his son Stuart a nutritionist .

Apart from these  benefits for weight loss honey has other benefits too it is good for the skin , the eyes and an excellent throat soother and also a purgative .

With so many health benefits Honey which is made from the nectar of flowers is a NECTAR  in the real sense of the word.


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