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Friday, 3 June 2016

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.#rediGO.

 Datsun's  redi-GO which is Nissan's low price sister brand will be launched in the Indian market on  June 7, 2016. The  pricing will be in the range of Rs 2.39lakh to Rs 3.5 lakh, The Datsun has  an 800 cc motor and  gives an average  of 25.17 km/ has a lot to offer to the first-time car buyer. It is reasonably spacious, is easy to drive and offers really good fuel economy. Its design is what they call a quirky tall -boy design and is available in trendy or lets say funky colours like deep red and bright green. It is based on Renault-Nissan's common module family  platform  the "CMF-A platform" and  98 per cent of the redi-GO’s parts have been locally sourced. 

After reading a lot of available material about the car I have discovered that while the redi-GO may not be a car which can be used by the Jazzy group for fast drives  in order to get a kick out of driving what I mean is that  Hoohaa ...yeeee  kind of excitement with guys and girls recklessly perched on the hood or hanging out of the windows waiving hands and scarves mouths open wide in thrill and excitement  giving the passers by and the traffic police jitters , making there own and others life miserable and  dangerous  BUT its a car which is easy on  every ones's nerves   and also easyto drive.   The gear shifts and the clutch are light making it easier for the veteran as well as the novice drivers to handle .Even the first time driver who is making a shift from a two wheeler to four wheeler finds it easy to adjust . 

Other features include  the hatchback with a good 185 mm ground clearance which makes it comfortable to drive on  broken and bumpy roads ( trademark of our Indian roads be it city or village urban or rural ) Its dimensions of 3429 mm length 1560 mm width 1541 mm in height and 2430 wheel base make it ideal for city drives as they will provide better maneuverability in choked urban conditions and easy parking too .Other highlights include swept-back headlamps and a narrow front with grille and a muscular bonnet. The top-end variant also gets optional daytime running lights on the front bumper, . The Tail lights are positioned at a reasonable height making  it easy for the visibility by other vehicles .Other customization options like a spoiler, door visors, roof rails, wheel trims, are also available.The front seats come with support on the sides, . The steering wheel has a nice and sporty shape and the contours offer natural grip. The glass area is generous and you get great overall visibility too.
The dashboard has a single DIN entertainment system  and  a USB port 

I read somewhere that there were certain disadvantages like----- cost cutting with  the compromise in  basic plastic quality, a lot of exposed sheet metal and no  central locking either------But then this urban car of mine should be able to  take the scratches, bruises and abuse of our choked urban roads and for this we must say thanks to the  exposed sheet metal ( which is actually a boon not a bane ) Similarly I also feel the absence of centralized locking a welcome feature because I have seen accidents and tragedies occur due to them ,we Indian parents are cautious enough to hold the child from opening doors in fact we don't let our kids  sit near the doors;  but then we are forgetful enough and careless too  to leave the  child locked inside  and walk away. Similarly it is being said  that  the  steering needs more weight and feel at higher speeds and while the engine is at home at low to medium speeds, highway overtakes will need planning  BUT then our redi-GO is meant for urban driving not for Highway overtaking isn't it ? 

SO   if you're looking for a second car the redi-GO makes for a good  city-runabout. It is THE car to take the scratches, bruises and abuse of our choked urban roads, while your primary vehicle can be saved for special occasions 

I would love to own this car because from what I have been gathering it has done away with the disadvantages of  and saved  the plus points needed by family cars on Indian urban roads for example , spaciousness and most importantly Ground Clearance and one should never forget the average it gives. 

The three important features which are luring me towards this Datsun redi-GO  are 

1. Its price together with the average of 25.17 km/l what with fuel prices jumping up and down regularly 
2. Spaciousness
3.  most importantly its ground clearance ( very important for Indian roads urban or rural ) 

I would love to take this car on a test drive to certain areas of my own city Nagpur places like Itwari, Sadar , Central avenue , Railway station and Dharampeth and Sitabuldi because these are the places which have all the specimens of Indian Urban roads  they are crowded , narrow , bumpy  and also smooth and excellent thus providing all the hurdles and also the good points ;the examples of  perfect Indian Urban Roads  and would enjoy the------Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback

 Thus becoming the owner of India's first ever Urban Cross the Datsun redi-GO 

 Urban Cross    
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