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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Some Better Daily soaps to watch ---part 2

I decided to write this post today because I am afraid both the serials  may loose their crispness and twists and become run of the mill sagas , as they had done a few weeks back   making me  feel like a fool for having recommended  them to you all .

I am talking about Tamanna and Dahleez on Star plus --they had lost their newness and crispness for a few week but have again picked up the threads.

Tamanna is succeeding in teaching a lesson on communal harmony why and how badly is it needed and how vested interests have been trying to turn everything to their advantage using the innocent and vulnerable .  Here I am  forced to ask that age old question cliche too which seems so much idealistic and put on BUT is so important -----Do we inquire about the  caste or creed or religion of the blood donor when we need a blood transfusion ? Do we refuse to seek the advice of a doctor of another religion when we need help ? Are we aware of the religion of the farmer who must have grown our food in his farm ? and so many more questions of the same genre. A scene worth mentioning is when a rickshaw driver of a particular community  braves all the hazards to reach a pregnant woman to a  midwife who is not ready to deliver the child of  the patient only because she belongs to a different community At the same time they show how the sensible mature and right thinking  people of both the communities are trying to bring in peace

Dahleez too has taken an interesting turn what with the main characters finding themselves entangled in a situation which can become heavily explosive and disrupt the harmony of the family ties and relations -a slight spark already seems to have ignited because the leading lady is finding it difficult  to believe that her uncle and cousin were terrorists though all the fingers  in fact the whole hand is pointing towards them . Absence of any evidence to prove their innocence and the selfishness of the only person Harshvardhan ( who had lost his fiance to Asad now deceased and being mistaken as a trrrorist ) who knows that Asad is not a terrorist but doesn't divulge the truth making use of the opportunity to win back his fiance    On the other hand they are also showing the generosity and understanding nature of the Sinha family who though they had themselves lost their son are compassionate towards their new daughter in law whose cousin was supposedly a terrorist and had shot the Sinha's youngest son dead . Similarly their concern towards the widowed daughter in law is also an example of maturity and compassion . Another scene worth mentioning is  where the media is shown asking the parents how they are feeling on losing their son and this too when they are in the hospital with the body .of their dead son .

Both the serials are trying to tackle some social issues ---their direction may not be crisp and mature  but at least their is an attempt to show some thing new tackling  an important  social problem . Lets hope they can continue to hold our interest and that too in a mature way and not become childish daily soaps .

At the end I would like to recommend "Bhabhi ji Ghar pe hai "once again which is not totally lost after the replacement of the actor playing the role of Angoori Bhabhi it is still worth watching in spite of the replacement though after all  a change can always be noticed .

Another serial "May I come in Madam"is also rib tickling though with a slightly adult theme ---but not vulgar at all.

These serials have succeeded in weening me away from the computer for two hours daily ---9 pm to 11pm .

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