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Monday, 5 September 2016

Teacher's day

Its Teachers day today  and we are celebrating it all over the country .Every school has organised a function  and the government too felicitates teachers today .

  We too should say thankyou to our teachers who did contribute in shaping our personalities Though some of them did leave a sad impression on our minds .We have had good teachers and bad . While some of them were loved and respected some were dreaded .

The dreaded ones were of two kinds : one who were dreaded for their strictness and disciplinarian attitude but we knew that they meant good and  all their strictness was aimed at making us better persons.The other species of this kind was a  frustrated lot who had become teachers because they could not do any thing else.

Specially in the juniour classes  very few teachers had that love and kindness so important to deal with small kids .   In fact that species is more common these days  when the criteria of  becoming a teacher is a B ed . degree .  And not the love for teaching or loving kids . There is very little tolerance . Coloured Toys  and beautiful pictures on the walls are supposed to take the place of the human touch a  five year old requires when he/she is away from home .

       ANY WAY THATS THE WAY IT IS  AND THAT'S  the reason why children are being subjected to cruel punishments .

But I am happy to say that, I and many more of that bygone era were lucky to have had teachers who had actually made SCHOOL our second HOME .We learnt nearly everything in school home was just a place to do homework in , spend a few hours in the company of parents and relatives { for girls a lesson in the kitchen} .

OUR  curricullum used to be such that it was not limited to the three R' s only.  We had all activities which gave an all round development to ones personality.
Our teachers had that third eye which made them see our hidden talents I remember being dragged into the sports field to shine as a hockey player or being given that hard push which sent so many of us staggering   on the stage  and later  become good artists .
OH !!! The tears we shed to escape; but nothing doing  If they wanted us to participate we had to ,AND aren't we all thankfull .!!!!

AND YES  those punishments !!!! never to be forgotten .

" I will not talk in class " to be written 100 times and lunch break forgone.
Stand outside the class so that the whole school comes to know about it !!
And the worst used to be when they made us sit with boys {this was for the girls} and girls { this was for the boys} . Specially in juniour classes when both the species avoided each other like the plague.!!!
And of course standing on the bench etc toh chalta thha .

So that was school  . 
OUR HOME away from HOME.!!

And those were our teachers.
Who made it so.


  1. Nice write. Debts we owe to a teacher cannot be redeemed that easily

    1. Thank you so much for appreciating Easwar Arumugam ji ---like I said the teachers made our school Home away from Home ---thanks once again

  2. We always are and will be indebted to our teachers. Beautiful post...a great tribute to all the teachers out there... :-)

  3. You speak of an era long bygone, perhaps never to return. Education is a mafia in this country today. Your post did remind me of the teachers I have had trysts with, the soft and deeply loving kind, the short tempered ones, the Dumbledores and the Professor Snapes...

  4. Thank you Umashankar ji for the visit and the comments ---yes they were of the bygone days a rare species today .
    The Dumbledors and Professor Snapes kind exist only in books and novels today ---the B ed kinds are more prominent with P hds and M eds being the requirements for kindergarten teaching who go by the technicalities and not by emotions and instincts .

    Thank you once again for visiting