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Saturday, 14 April 2012


there she goes
or does she wait ?

Is she
looking at the horizon
or reaching out to it ?

that regal traveller
is she lonely ?
or is she forlorn?
will she succumb to the leacherous sea?
will she rush into someones waiting arm

a mystery she 's been for  many  a men
pirates and captains have lost for her
the ocean  too has tried to engulf
her stature and demeanour  could not be touched  .

I wondered if she was a woman's replica
fighting the sea
which was as torrent as the world
that  world ...
which waits ,and prowls to pounce
on 'Her' the 'woman'
in her moment of  weakness  .

but the more I see her
from my window near the waters
and see her
in her regality
I know
no wave will waver her
She  knows
she needs
only the 'silt '
and has no desire to float in the milieu

she is no fool
she will survive
she knows an anchor waves  away the storm .
and to win the battle of life
she forgoes the pleasures of going adrift
she decides to stay  and survive
rather than drift away  and die .

She is a woman's inspiration
to live and strive
she is a woman's inspiration to
win the fight 

  ps----the picture of the boat is from the net

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