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Friday, 20 April 2012

why did the hen cross the road

There was this rooster red
who saw this chick well bred

his heart missed a beat
he thought,he ought to  plead
and said"
"Oh cute little hen
please do become my friend
if you don,t I will die
and the farmer will then me fry"

The hen was disturbed

 also a bit perturbed

   and did't know what to do.

 She said"cluck cluck cluck

  OH  handsome please don't chuck

 your heart for me as such.
 I'll brave hail and storm

    and even be reborn
 To be there beside you.
You stay where you are  

  Please don't at all despair
 Its only just a road  
   Can it  ever keep me on hold??.

  Please wait for the signal red

  when the traffic will stop dead  

 I will cross over to meet you .'

And  She did just that
crossed the road

  to reach her lover mad


who  opened his wings wide

and engulfed her to hide

 Inside those furry feathers  

the hen snuggled closer

 the rooster pecked her cheek

  the hen coochie cooed
    ye ishq ,ishq hai eeshq....

pics from the net


  1. Such a sweet poem. Love knows no reason...

  2. thanks so much Saru for the visit was eagerly looking forward
    thanks for appreciating :))

  3. ...bahut hi mazedaar likhi hai aapne, Rajni! I really liked the title of your blog:) Meri Rajnigandha khoob mahke!

  4. bahut bahut dhanyawad Amit ji ---merey blogsace par apka swagat hai -please do keep visiting