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Monday, 16 April 2012


 Every face has a thousand masks
That is the way the master crafts

The same face -is first a babe
Then it is a genetic incarnate

Days gradually pass
And so do the masks.

Moments come and go away,
Time waits and knocks
and walks away.

The masked face! !
when it opens the door
Finds no one!
and its desires soar.
Looks left and right
and then walks out.

The casket with masks it keeps aside,
Wears one and breaks into a stride
It dances of love and sings of fun
And plays about with all inhibitions shunned

The eyes then rest on another mask
Put it on and meet a curse
Which says you are a grown up now
    You have forgone the right to smile
Sit down and count these miseries mine
They come with me where ever I go
You chose to wear me and thus my woes.

The face tries to tear it away
But the grownup mask is there to stay.
The face prays and begs
"oh please go away
pray let me stray"

The mask is NOT relentless!!!!
it budges a bit
and grants a wish

  From that basket thats kept yonder."

  "That basket thats kept yonder
You too know has masks asunder
take one. NO not of your choice
But one that I give ,
Now rejoice."

"I give to you my own siblings
They too have miseries to mine akin
be with them ,
Try them on one by one,
Let your life go on,with the moon and sun.
Each mask will make you do a deed
Befitting you and your hour of need
The rest will then shelter you
And save you from from failures due;
And also from sadness
That may follow suite.

These masks are to be worn always
By men and women
All through their living days.


  1. We all wear masks.

    The poem makes one feel gloomy.

    Good one :-)

  2. Haresh

    Yes you are right when you say its a bit gloomy--but then its all about Masks ----which is a gloomy subject LOL hence a bit gloomy:))

    thanks a lot for visiting and appreciating