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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

a successful musical ------love story

This is the story of a succesfull love affair .

These two ,Raja and Rita met on the net and liked each other very much They used to enjoy each others company and the chat- room became their place of a daily rendezvous.Away from the real world into the bliss of the virtual world --away from the prying eyes of all humanity .In the bliss and solitude of their own house with no interference of any sort ---and no inhibitions; they would spend hours together deep into the night neither wanting to leave .

Like most NRI's   both had true Indian blood flowing in their veins and were loyal to Indian movies and hindi film songs .They would communicate in hindi film songs
because they believed that -
"har dil jo pyar karega
woh gana gayega " 

their daily chat used to begin with the song 

Tum jo mil gye ho toh
ye lagta hai
ki jahaan mil gaya hai .

He was in London and she in Newyork .and her favourite song would be
hai hai ye majboori
ye mausam aur ye duri .

It was by sheer luck that Raja had to go to India on an official visit and he asked Rita if she could manage to come down . She the real Laila that she was, immediately took the next flight -------when she reached the Sahar air terminal in mumbai she spotted Raja  sitting in  the waiting hall and singing
ham intezaar karenge
tera kayamat tak 

and she ran to him -----
saat samunder paar mai tere
peechhe peeche a gayi .

from then onwards the next 15 days were a time full of bliss for both of them .
They checked into the same hotel and as soon as Raja would return from work they would go out shopping, sight seeing ---both of them extended their leave and stayed for another 10 days visiting the whole of India singing around trees ,enjoying life.

 Most of the directors from Manmohan Desai to Nasir Hussain got nearly all their scenes enacted .

But then Mahesh Bhatt and the new directors who normally cast IMRAN Hashmi in their movies were not to be left  behind either. They too had a fan in both these love birds,whose escapades in parks and on seabeaches gave the    hawaldars on duty so much excercise tracking them that they lost the "pot belly"which is so much a trademark of most Indian Havaldars.

But then as fate would have it a murder took place in the hotel and both Raja and Rita somehow got involved in this, as there room was just next to the victims and more so because by some badluck an old aquaintence of Raja saw them there and told the police that Rani was not Raja,s lawfully wedded wife( as mentioned by them in the hotel register) --bass!!!! that messed up the whole thing ---the police just pounced on them and targetted all their investigation on these two unfortunate love birds ---in fact the victim lay forgotten and the police got busy with these two asking them just one question
Yeh kya hua
kab huaa
kaise hua
kyoo hua
oh bolo 

And here was Raja telling Rita 
kuchh na kaho
kuchh bhi na kaho 

they somehow got hold of a lawyer who told the police
Kya kahna hai
kya sunna hai
humko pataa hai 

the police took Rita for interrogation but went mad as all that she said was
as is normal --this episode jolted Raja out of that reverie of love songs and clandestine affair , he rang up his wife, Rani
---(-this name doesnt signify any love between the two -she gets this name by default being Raja's wife) for help.Her father being an influential
figure in Indian High Society.

When she got Raja's message , . she chartered a plane and flew into India to help her "janoo" .She entered the police lock up singing
tumne pukara aur
hum chale aaye 

when suddenly she saw Rita sitting in the lock up too !she asked her
tum kaun ho
batao tumhara naam hai kya 

poor Rita --was absolutely tongue-tied with nervousness--and ran upto Raja with a piece of thread
Bhaiya mere
Rakhi ke bandhan ko nibhana 

trying to enact a Rakhi scene (
 Raja was awestruck at her presence of mind and his admiration for her increased)
************ ***** 
It was here that the director thought it right to call for intermission . And the audience were only too glad to go out and get their packets of popcorn 
***************** Post interval session ---

and here comes the kahani mei twist , enter the villian in the guise of that visitor who had seen Raja and Rita register as husband and wife --and this nosey guy thought it his right to acquaint Mrs Raja of the goings on ---after all she was his friend and like all well wishers he could not let go this opportunity of having fun at the cost of someones happiness.

But our lady was not the one to throw a tantrum--she knew her priorities and also knew that the hubby had no escape , and could be dealt with later .

She and her dad got busy pulling strings and after a lot of exchanges under the table (
with people who had table tops bigenough to let briefcases exchange hands)
; the matter was settled to the relief of everyone and both Raja and Rita were proved innocent .
Let me mention two very very important facts which took place during this interaction one was that Mrs Raja's father had the brainwave of carrying with him two 'sting operation' experts whophotographed every incident leaving no choice with the Bigwigsother than fullfilling their promises and secondly something which was a bit sad, Rani's dad was so high up in the ladder of politicalhierarchy that he got all his work done by greasing the palms of Big wigs 
and the poor havaldars and their boss the inspector who had done all the hard work of framing the duo were left in the lurch with not even a penny coming their way . 

Oh yes !!you must all be wondering how does this happen to be asuccessful love-story----this is where the kahani mein twist become' s more twisted ---our lady Rani ---who was fed up of Raja bargained with him her freedom in lieu of not telling her tyrant of a dad about  his escapades and affair with Rita .

Raja agreed immediately he didnt know he could get out of her clutches so easily .They immediately filed- in papers for mutual divorce .

after a period of 6 months we had four beeming faces coming out of the family court a 'divorced couple' and 'two couples' about to get married.

Yes Rani too had a beau locked-up in her heart .!!

Doesn't that make it a succesful LOVE STORY ?? two rather .!! 


  1. Niiice...Rajni. Those melodies have added more flavour to the love story :)

    1. Hahah Panchali

      so glad you liked it --its an old post had written it a long long time back --thats why those old songs :))
      thanks alot for appreciating
      do keep visiting and commenting

  2. nice concept..and executed well!!

    1. Thanks a lot Sakshi

      welcome to my blogs ---so glad you liked the post --thanks alot for the comments

      warm regards