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Wednesday, 24 October 2012


When we talk about corruption  we   talk  about  only  one  aspect  of  corruption  i.e.  financial  corruption  , which ironically is not   a  very     old  phenomenon  ..whereas we ignore;-----That other  kind  of  corruption  which  is  prevailing  in our  system  since  ages  since  centuries  and  has  deeply   penetrated   our  culture  , our  thought  process  , our  minds   our    social  and   personal lives    .   ... I am talking about the  CORRUPTION  OF  OUR VALUE  SYSTEM ..  !.We forget that if  we  can  take  care   of  our  dwindling  moral values  ,  our  deranged   thought  process , our   stinking  social  and  cultural  beliefs  .. the   financial   corruption  will  vanish by itself  .. financial  corruption is  the   direct   result  of  the  decaying  value  system . In fact we just don't consider these  as corruption ,on the contrary we   have  accepted  them  as  a  way  of  life . -

Our  caste  ridden  culture  , the  cruel   discrimination between  male  and  female  children , shunning  of  hard  work  , clinging   to  the age  old   rituals  of  religious fanaticism  blind faith and worship ignoring   the  spirit   behind  them , our  ugly  dowry  system  ,  mindless  expenditure  in marriages   , these are   but a few  of  the  practices   prevailing  in our  society   which  have made  inroads  in  our  system  to  a great    extent  ..we  never  hesitate  in following  them  and  don't  consider  them  as    something  which should  be shunned or  thrown  away  like  a  poisonous  snake.
The actual corruption that India and Indians have to fight is the degeneration of  values .Our degenerating mindset.
We never think that squandering of time,natural resources ,water, energy etc  is a very serious form of corruption.These
 are precious things which have to be saved .
We are not aware of our social responsibilities not aware of the drastic hardships we will be required to face if we do not learn to respect and honour God's gifts to us our "natural resources" The ecological imbalance which has already started to spread its tentacles will ultimately devour us one day.
Why is it that we appreciate and 
never tire of praising 
the cleanliness of foreign lands ,we refrain from spitting on the roads in Singapore and respect its laws BUT as as soon as we land in our own Motherland in our own house complacency and callousness takes over.
This is actual corruption which has to be tackled .Once we have a mature  balanced and healthy mindset all other forms of discrepancies will automatically  weed themselves  out of our land .

So its all a matter of attitudinal change a change in the thinking process a pride in our being, a pride in being called an Indian and making  ourselves worthy of being able to make India proud of us She should be proud that we belong to her and that we are capable of bringing laurels to her"" Our motherland ""the land which has given us our identity.


  1. Very true what you have depicted here Rajni :)
    India is sinking in all the corruption and politics and it is eating the country from the inside.
    That's the reason why we rank so low in most favorable places to start business as well.
    Nice post. Keep it up :)



    1. Thanks a lot Jay
      for the visit and the appreciation Only if we change our attitude and learn o belong to our country ---we will be the BEST

      thanks alot once again
      please do keep visiting

  2. A very thoughtful post. I am glad I stumbled upon your blog. You rightly mentioned, if only we could change the mindset & appoint a mature & insight full of responsible citizenship then only we might change the ideologies in some way. But we need to unite when ate the moment corruption is looked upon as a filth for the society & people are backing it with proof. Instead of rubbishing rumors (as some people believe) we should stand together to make things prosper . Nice blog, take care!

    1. Tanya

      Thankyou so much for this visit and for your comments I am sorry couldn't thank you earlier as I was a bit busy on the home front.
      Do keep visiting my blogs you are so welcome--and would love to receive feedbacks from you
      warm regards

  3. !.We forget that if we can take care of our dwindling moral values , our deranged thought process , our stinking social and cultural beliefs .. the financial corruption will vanish by itself .. financial corruption is the direct result of the decaying value system .

    I congratulate you on your sharp acumen .You have hit the nail on the head.Do keep blogging.A surprise awaits you at jeeteraho.

  4. thankyou so much Indu ji for the visit and the appreciation I feel honoured to see you on my posts.

    And thankyou so much for the surprise It feels great to be included BY YOU in the list of bloggers elated I am

    thnanks once again

  5. Well said, Rajni. I guess the only thing we can do is try and uphold those values ourselves - so difficult (but not impossible) when everyone around us cynically feels it is foolish rather than decent to uphold such values.

  6. KayEm

    you are so right when you say ""

    ""everyone around us cynically feels it is foolish rather than decent to uphold such values."''

    that is where all the problem lies.Lets hope for the best.

    thanks a lot for the visit

    feels great to see you on my posts

  7. Good post and you have rightly said that its not just about financial corruption but the lack of moral values that have spread corruption in the Society. Unfortunately, we have thousands of Schools and Colleges that teach how to earn a living but not how to live life.