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Monday, 8 October 2012

Radheshyam Jeweller---the MBA

"Radhesyam jewellers""----had its shutters put down a wee bit early everyday in this festive season ---reason its owner Shri Radhesyam Parikh did not want to go home through the deserted roads late at night with all his days earnings . He was an MBA from a foreign university.

His was a reputed shop and had a selective clientele who would wait for the next day for his shops to open but would not go to another --such was his goodwill and reliability -----so a few minutes early closing did not hurt his business.

He was smiling to himself so happy that inspite of the recession and the rising prices of the yellow metal his business was booming --thanks to the Indian psyche of investing in gold.

He avoided late nights and preferred to reach home early because of the rising cases of robbery and car-holdups.He always chose Gandhi road which was always busy and had a police station of its own and whose inspector in charge was known to him ---so he was safe " its good to have acquaintances in high places , specially in the police for then you are sure to get good service" he mused .-------When suddenly his reflexes made him bring the car to a screeching halt---a motorcycle had come and dashed against his speeeding car and the pillion rider had fallen , rather crashed onto his bonnet whereas the front wheels of the bike had lodged under the right front wheel of his car-- he was unnerved -OH God !!! before he could think a crowd had gathered and the constables ,inspectors all had rushed out of the police station.

Thankfully neither of the two were hurt----the pillion rider had a few nasty bruises but that was all .The rider had jumped off the bike and nothing untoward had happened. The bikers were sensible enough to understand that it was no ones fault and just an accident it was written in their FATE for that day ---a help of a thousand rupees from the rich seth would pay for both the repair of the vehicle and of the man.

Everything was settled amicably and the crowd dispersed ---the injured men and the police inspector and his constables all walked off with their share from Shri Parekh and a sigh of relief breathed itself out from his lips ---But half way it turned into a shriek as Radheshyam ji saw that his bag of the days earnings had vanished.
He ran to the poice station and reported the case--- an FIR was lodged and a search pary was sent to look for the robbers ----it could be anyone from among that crowd of at least 50 people .


"Phew !!! that was narrow !!!"

said Ramu when all the six of them sat down to share their loot .

"Narrow!!! that was a Solid move to be able to smuggle off all that booty right from under the nose of the policemen and such a big crowd."

"How on earth did you plan it that way ?---!!!!!" this was sukhbir

"HAHAHA!!! because I knew that everyones attention would be towards the two of you and no one will see me take out that bag from the car and ride away with Raju waiting on the bike ."

"Hahah and it was good that you thought of shifting all the loot to Sam and Salim waiting at the corner."


"Thanks, that was a risk allright a very big one but I believe that ---- ...........

----{and he stood up abruptly cutting short his dialogue}


"Salaam Boss!!! was it ok ???"

"Yes very well done ---now the insurance people will have to cough up a huge amount , all that moolah was heavily insured.All of you are in my payroll from today ---smart work done by you ." said Radheshyam

Thankyou saab ---WHAT AN IDEA SIRJI ---


  1. You have thrown an insight to what masterminds these thieves are.. and MBA's too!

    1. Anupama
      Thanks a lot for appreciating ---yes people have such bright minds and they go to any extent to make a fast buck .
      Do keep visiting; will always look forward to your visits and feedback

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Amit ji ---so glad you liked it.

      its like apna sapna money money
      thanks once again

  3. choron ka hai jamana....

    1. Desi traveller

      yes choron ka hi hai jamana

      thankyou so much for visiting


  4. A vile twist at the end--as soon as i read salaam boss i knew what it was.

    1. Thanks Induji

      Yes I knew those words would give away the plot but just couldn't think of any other way to end the story.
      still a novice at fiction writing.So glad you came and visited .Thankyou so much ,this is so much encouragemnt