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Friday, 2 November 2012

smile a while

               Some moments  which make us smile  
                       and fill our lives with spice.
                      They drive away the blues
                 and  fill our lives with colourful hues

             Humour  in the neighbourhood and at home
When Nagpur  got its first outlet for pizzas--- SMOKIN'  JOE'S.

 People who were under heavy mental pressure with Ramdos's   ban on smoking ---rushed to this place thinking it to be  SMOKING ZONE

Every  morning  MSEB switches off its supply to Nagpurians sharp at 6.30 am.

With electricity gone a stillness take's  over and we get to hear sounds which  normally get drowned in the din of  fans, mixers,washing machines etc

--and sometime back ' WE'  used to get to here a  moaning ,wailing,weeping sound every morning as if of a woman in great agony - it was creepy and  sad --and I had pictures of some woman in captivity which none of the neighbours knew about--

This villain  whoever he is must  be  brought  to  book I  rushed to my  book case took out a volume of ENID BLYTON'S ---Five find outer's---and looked for FATTY who I knew would definitely help me solve--"The mystery of the 
 wailing woman""
and solve I did ------it was  my neighbour snoring ------HAHAHA as he slept soundly we lay perturbed -------but now no longer
 .  never knew snores went like this oooooooonnnnnnnn---phissss----oooooonnnnnnnnn ---phissss


A friend  a frequent  visitor loves her tea sweet ------6 1/2 teaspoons in one cup

and this one takes the cake

Many years ago  when we were staying in company's flats we used to be  allotted better houses with every  promotion--- ----It so happened that the next occupants to our previous flat were from the same department as my husband ,and coincidentally had the same name ; same  initials------ strange but true.

Some long lost friends of our's suddenly decided to pay us a visit --and they were not aware that we had shifted house.

kindly visualize--This scene from a blockbuster both HOLLY and BOLLYwood's
Mrs X the visitor knocks at the door---she even has a big smile in anticipation of giving us a surprise!!

Mrs Y opens the door--- "yes"!!
Mrs X ---."Mrs Y hain?"
Mrs Y---haan boliye.

Mrs X----Mrs Y ?.??
Mrs Y ---haan I am Mrs Y.

You can imagine the look of horror on Mrs X's face she was so disturbed---shaken ;aghast ---she later told us that she had thought that I had left for my heavenly abode  and my man had remarried!!!!

Thanks to the man of that house who came to the door, worried what was keeping his wife so long  .
He at once understood  what the matter was  and told Mrs X that we had shifted house and even gave her our new address.

Mrs X  scrambled down the stairs got into the car and narrated the whole incident to her husband.



Oh yes there's one more--here's a conversation between   my niece and her 8 year old son

"Mom please send me late to school for 4 days in a row.'


"Because they send us back from school after the 5th day and then ban us from  attending  school for a week "

HAHA intelligent  isn't he ?


These were some instances which made us laugh then and make us smile now.


and here are some more

1. this poor  kid  was so confused with his elders behavior that he did not know how to behave in public ---and what kind of reaction he would get from his parents ---so  once when he  and his family were visiting some friends  and he was  offered sweets  , he refused but  his
parents  said ---"le lo beta(take son)"
 he snapped back ---"abhi toh bol rahe ho le lo ghar jaake dantogey (you are asking me to take now  but will  scold me when we reach home)---poor guy and poor parents 

While on diwali shoping my friend wanted to buy clothes for both her sons'but whichever suit she chose for her elder son was immediately rejected by the younger worried the mom asked him why are you rejecting they are not for you to which he replied ---but ultimately its me who is going to have to wear them(by the way friends let me confess this is a cut and paste may be from real life but not from any one that I know of )

and here is the best most innovative idea of all and its true !!!

this  kid whenever he visited a shop  used to be refused anything he wanted to buy,  poor child  was so  frustrated and fed up of begging his parents who nearly  always refused, that  he decided on the following  tactic and it worked

he threatened his parents that if they did not buy what he demanded he would take off his pants in public ---and that did the trick ---hahahahah



  1. Thanks for the laughs today, Rajni. Wonderful still chuckling :D

    1. Thanks Panchali

      so nice to see you again ---hope you had a lovely "Pooja" and thanks for those pictures about various pooja pandals in Calcutta ---I don't know why but I was unable to post my comments on that post.

  2. LOL< such real life episode leaves us giggling. The snoring my has my vote :)

    1. Haha Ghazala

      Thanks and yes that is a real funny one but its real and that guy kept us guessing for days.

      great to see you on my posts always

  3. LOL! Thank you Rajni:) Enjoyed:):D

    1. Thank you Amit ji

      so glad you liked it


  4. hahahhaha!! I loved the one about the 8 yr old boy and his technique for avoiding school!! And the snoring neighbour is just classic! Thanks for the laugh!

    1. Thanks Roshni

      thanks alot for visiting and appreciating--do keep visiting you are so welcome
      warm regards

  5. Rajni the one about ditto names was hilarious.

    1. Yes Indu ji

      and to think it really happened !!!!

      thankyou so much for visiting ----love to see your presence on my posts
      warm regards
      and all good wishes