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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

crime against women


                 SOCIAL REFORMERS   are all asking the same questions

WHY are women not safe ? why is crime against women constantly on the increase?

COMMITIES are being set up  to conduct studies  and find the reason behind this.They talk about making laws stricter ,  the latest is to make molestation a non bailable crime" Well this is a positive approach and hence welcome"  but the real solution to this problem is education{not literacy}  and above all an  individuals own "conscience".No problem can ever be tackled unless the cry is from within.To put it in a lighter vein "  you can take a horse to the river but you cannot make him drink." Similarly these crimes cannot be stopped untill the criminal realises what he has done !! HE  should know that what he is doing is worse than murder.He is insulting the existence of a fellow human being.Does he realise the repercursions?the humiliation, the insults,the feeling of helplessness the indignity a woman faces.Just imagine a crime where its the victim who is ashamed  and the culprit goes about strutting like a proud peocock!!.
                                                             In this fake society of ours which does not tire  from paying obeiyance to mother DURGA, the man does not understand MA DURGA is a woman  MA SARASWATI  is a woman KALI and the most favourite LAKSHMI  are  women.Is a woman worthy of  being  worshipped only if she is made of stone  not if she is made flesh and blood.!!

                                                      This is a burning issue which can be discussed incessently  but aren't we ashamed to be discussing it even in this 21st century.The topic is such that it will never cease to continue because it touches on very sensitive issues and if we talk about it it will go on and on and on.for eg may I ask who are these keepers of society who decide  the dress code for girls and women?  Leave women alone   let them breathe consider them your 'other half'  if not 'better half'  let the other half live the way its other half lives.

                                             Frankly this is not a fight between men and women it is a fight between the frustrated and the achievers.Frustrated people are failures in life and resort to bullying  them, who ,they think are weak...This groupof bullies includes both   men as well as women. The only way they can
be controlled is by exposing them remember that nursery rhyme!


So in order to control this evil which exists from time immemorial let us follow the method used then ;i.e., let the good boys come out to play and  catch and expose the hooligans like the two photographers did on the  night of 31st dec 2007 in MUMBAI  and the georgy porgys will surrender.
These bullies are not only males ,but females too are a very active member of this group  who do you think plays the lead role in cases of female foeticide,  bride burning   and dowry deaths etc? the MATRIARCH  without doubt.
                      So the only way to weed out this problem is   to educate the society and let them see the heniousness of this crime show it to them in a way which  will sadden or terrorise them. Women are indebted to men like Raja Ram Mohan Roy   or Mahatma Jyotiba Phule and request our 'better halves'! to imbibe their virtues we would be eternally gratefull to you.And this world will be rid of an unnecessary evil giving us more time to solve bigger problems of humanity  benefitting  the globe more.

                                 A  man and a woman are made by God to compliment each other  neither is in any way inferior to the other.They have different roles to play and should be respected for that .Just as every Human  being should be respected irrespective of  caste , creed , colour ,occupation or gender


  1. Well put, Rajni we all wait for the day, when men, women are acknowledged as human beings with out discrimination.

  2. every time another such incident come to light, i feel ashamed being a man.. i feel terrified even at the thought of being in the shoes of the victim.. its pathetic how morals are going down with every passing day.. these guys are sick.. they have no conscience.. no feelings.. no shame.. no words can ever describe the cruelty of such crime.. may God give wisdom to such soulless bodies..

    i pray to God to give a peace of mind to to the victim.. though i know deep inside that the scar inflicted upon her soul will never heal.. even if she survives the physical trauma, nightmares of the cruel incidence will come back to haunt her every single day of the rest of her life.. i feel sorry for her.. i wish i could do something.. but Alas.. i am helpless..

  3. Agree with all your statement...god knows...when people will understand...woman also have the right to live and they are also human
    from my personal point of view such Capital punishment(as if they are gone and they are forgotten) is never an ideal punishment for these criminals. they should be castrated by ripping off their genitals and should be forced to live in humiliations as those of the hapless females who had to live rest of their life in shame so that these people should get a lesson for their heinous crime and find out what it means living after such catastrophe in a person's life...!!!

  4. I agree!! men and women are meant to compliment each other, somehow the society and lackadaisical attitude of government towards such incidents are just motivators to the criminals...

    Its sad we live in a society, where such henious acts not only goes unnoticed by government and law but the victims are blamed

    I agree with Anjan : Capital punishment is not the ideal punsihment, they should be castrated by ripping off their genitals and should be forced to live in humiliations as those of the hapless females who had to live rest of their life in shame

  5. Feel helpless. Capital punishment is a crime. Fear of castration COULD stop them although the ones who dispense that punishment are capable of misusing their power on innocents too. In this specific case the unity of the public, the action, the marches have been the only good thing that's happened. It has made politicians realise they'll have to, for once, bend to the will of the people. Hope the pressure to see justice done doesn't let up.