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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Kellogg’s Waalaa Nashta

We had just shifted to a new locality and our immediate neighbour's were the Gupta's We discovered that our identity proof  provided was not so much our postal address as  the fact that we were Guptaji's neighbours we were called "Kellogg's wale Guptaji's neighbours."

We were acknowledged as Guptaji's neighbours and introduced as  Guptaji's neighbours .Obviously we wondered why was this ? and we also wondered why everyone wanted to visit the Gupta's for breakfast everyone would wait for an invitation from the Gupta's to join them for breakfast , they were entrusted with the job of providing breakfast during any social function in fact you would be astonished to learn that even during weddings where the bride's family employed the best caterer's of the town   to provide lunch and dinner to the boy's party ," the Baratis" ,  the  breakfast part was entrusted to the Gupta's and the groom's family too used to be happy about this .
This mystery came to an end  when Mrs. Gupta invited us for breakfast on a Sunday morning . we were so excited and also a bit apprehensive and eager as to  what we would get to see .
Ah! the breakfast at the Gupta's at last.
Not for nothing was Guptaji so famous as 'Kellogg's wale Gupta ji '.

   Being an Indian, for me no meal , be it breakfast or lunch or dinner or even tea is complete unless it is " anaj wala " and I was really scared and hoping that the Gupta's should not provide me with fruit juice, and fresh fruits in the name of healthy breakfast or worse still some "smoothies" you know that kind of stuff which is so trendy these days and God forbid the healthiest of all "moong  Sprouts" . Even Lassi( drink made of curd ) or chhaachh ( buttermilk ) with a plate full of dry fruits thrown in to prove their magnanimity  were not very welcome as breakfast  I had made some puri sabzi and kept it ready to be consumed on our return from the Kellog's  wale Guptaji's residence.   

But !!  What a breakfast  !!!  delicious and healthy and a beautiful spread .It was" anajwala too " cornflakes is" anaj"  isnt it ? and served by Mrs Gupta the dishes  were absolutely mouthwatering  together with being healthy and traditional . All those super healthy and scary things like curd, fruits, honey , sprouts were there but in such a different form . The healthiest of all and also the scariest of the lot moong sprouts was the most delicious she had  mixed  besan( gram flour) and curd cooked it to a thick paste then she added moong sprouts, cornflakes    and  ummm!!! the most delicious snack was presented before me . Similarly .... no no wait I will put everything in the order in which they were served first of all came a cornflakes fruity yoghurt  beautiful tasty drink of curd, mixed with fruits and cornflakes . She knew I am more fond of savoury dishes than sweetened ones  , so she brought in  the cornflakes ,besan and moong sprouts khandvi ( as I called it) but its actually  called  Khattemoong cornflakes  then came the  cornflakes coconut laddoos specially made for my mother - in - law .In fact My daughter and I exchanged glances when we saw my m-i-l  enjoying the laddoos because she was the one who was making all the fuss in going to the "Kelloggs wale Guptaji's" house and as a parting gift the kids were handed over Walnut  Cornflakes Choco balls and I was handed over  a packet of both Kellogg's Cheesy Cornflakes and Cornflakes Chana Chaat to enjoy at home with tea in the evening . Gupta ji the gentleman that he is brought a small boxfull of the laddoos and handed it to my mother - in - law and became an instant hit with her she was so full of praise for the family and specially Gupta ji . 
 .When we thanked her and said now we understood why people wanted to be invited by her for breakfast Mrs Gupta accepted the compliments but she told us that Chef Ajay Chopra had also helped her with the innovations in recipes .She also told me that she could share many more recipes with me if I wanted them . 
The best thing I liked about the whole breakfast invite was that it gave us that feeling of satisfaction which we get after eating a real "Anaj wala Nashta" that feeling which says hunger has been satiated the typical feel full Indian feeling the kind after which we feel like going for a nap . But minus the calories . Kellogg's  satisfies through its taste and not high calorie content . The calorie count is so low that one doesn't have that feeling of acidity and heaviness even after a full meal .
My daughter was very happy that we had all liked the treat because she is a fan of Kellogg's,  specially its SPECIAL K diet plan and the green signal  given by her granny to include Kellogg's in our daily menu was a delight for her .

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