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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Book Review----The Itch You can't scratch ----by Sumit Kumar

The Itch You can't scratch ----by Sumit Kumar 

What a title !!! and if you think seriously no other title could be more appropriate to define one's life ---Life , life time   lifelong '

Life definitely  is that itch one cannot scratch ---you are brought into this world and you have no say in this matter  , then you have to go on living life until you reach the  final day which again is beyond your jurisdiction .

This book deals with exactly that  ,  the path one's life follows till the final curtain is drawn.

Sumit Kumar has dealt with the simple mundane happenings in the life of any and everybody in the most interesting way --you go on identifying yourself with the happenings as you go on reading the book you feel as if ---"arre ye toh mere saath bhi hua thaa( Hello even I went through this experience )"    , arre ye to hum sab ke saath hota hai( hey this happens with everyone ) , achchaa to ye sab ke saath hota hai? ( hmm so this happens with everyone eh !!) I have written both the Hindi and English versions of the readers reactions because that is what the author has done ---this book is in  Hinglish and that is what makes it more interesting and more identifying ;  one can relate to the happenings specially with the help of  the dialogues thrown in because that is  exactly what every Indian goes through his/her life ..

The growing up times , the interfering parents , the ambitious parent the ,curious neighbours ,the period of adoloscence , escapades  girlfriends, boy friends , infatuations , affairs relationships, failures  ,Then the expectations  by parents  , bloated  egos and misconceptions of ones own abilities , followed by  disillusionment  and finally settling with compromises .

I would not want to delve and disclose more from the chapters of the book and take away the excitement of reading and enjoying from the readers --but I highly recommend this book because ....

Another very interesting and important thing about the book is that it is written in    graphic style   making reading more interesting  making the  subconscious mind  feel as if you are still a teenager reading a comic book

This ""comic novel"""( pun intended) written in first person is a pleasant read and does tickle your funny bone .

 Published by Horizon Books and Sumit kumar and printed by Usha Printers Bhilai its running its second edition and is definately worth a read ---just to drive away the blues .

I enjoyed reading this novel and loved the writing style and presentation so much that I am now on to Sumit Kumar's  next novel written again in the graphic format Amar Bari , Tomar Bari NAXALBARI 


  1. Thanks for ur apt words describing the book...HORIZON BOOKS< BHILAI

  2. It seems to be a coming-of-age graphic novel with which you could relate easily, a fact that goes to the book's credit.

    1. thanks for the visit Umashankar ji --it is a nice book written differently :)

  3. It seems to be an interesting read, Rajni!
    Nicely reviewed too:)

    1. Amit ji

      thanksa lot for the visit ---I did find it discussing mundane and normal every day things in an interesting way ---and thank you very much for appreciating my writing :)

  4. सच है ... खेल तो साँसों का ही है ... और अपने हाथ में कुछ भी नहीं ... सुंदर समीक्षा ...