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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Some thoughts On """This Republic Day """

It's sixty-eight  years since the first . 
  Is there a change for the better ?
 Or have things gone from bad to worse
 This Republic Day ? 
That was just two years after  independence
 We were inexperienced and naive 
Its now past sixty-seven  why are we 
Still experimenting?till this Republic day ? .
Am I writing this as a passerby
 Or am I just an onlooker  ?
Am I also not responsible for 
   This Republic day ?

We are honoring them who have toiled
 But they are only a handful
Let us together toil and   glorify our nation
 To be honored equally every Republic Day .


  1. When the nation decides to go forward to progress & development we cant simply be a lot of spectators

  2. Very true Easwar Arumugam JI ---thanks for the visit and for appreciating

  3. It is said History is written by the winners. We need to pause and think who we have allowed to win. Who are these we have been honouring and who we have been guided to relegate to the dustbins of the prejudiced minds? These feckless, reckless politicians?

    1. it is sad that this how we are forced to react That is why I said "We are honoring them who have toiled
      But they are only a handful" meaning the really worthy .

      Thanks for the visit