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Sunday, 22 March 2015

a smiling child -- a joy for ever

Happiness is that elixir which intoxicates us in such a way that we become oblivious to all things sad and all things ugly.It spreads like wildfire destroying all weeds It blesses him that gives and him that takes .

To me the happiest thing in life is to see a happy child .
And the saddest is the sight of a sad child.

For me children are Gods most vulnerable creations they are so innocent , and helpless and to me a person who can abuse a child in any way is the incarnation of Satan himself A person who can make a child cry is the cruellest person on this earth .

To bring a smile on a child's face is my mission , my ambition and my aim in life.I am lucky that  my family too has joined me in this mission . It requires nothing except a little time to pursue this.
 . We have made it a point to celebrate all happy occasions in our life among children be it a birthday or an anniversary or any achievement that calls for celebrations we include the children of any local orphanage , or from the beggars colony to join us in our happiness  It does not take more than 2 hours per visit but it  stretches much beyond because we get so carried away with their laughter and happiness that we loose count of time .

 As a rule we distribute either bananas  or glucose biscuits to the kids and you should see the smiles and excitements on their faces when they receive either of these goods . Our choice fell on these two things because once we noticed that during the "shradhs" when people distribute food to beggars in temples its "puri sabzi " always and sometimes some sweet like "jalebi" and no beggar is very enthusiastic about it but  when we distributed bananas they welcomed it with smiles literally  spreading from one corner of the face to the other  and the biscuits ( four biscuits in a pack) proved to be a treasure for them . This was I suppose because these are things which they do not normally get to eat .

My daughter's fifth  birthday saw us distributing packets which had four  biscuits  , two balloons and a plastic whistle in it and I am sure we would have been booked for sound pollution had the police known that we were the ones who had given those whistles to the kids. What a commotion and what laughter and fun and frolic . Can such a simple gift bring so much joy to them ?  So much contagious joy that it spread to us and we were as excited and laughed as loudly .

This incident told us to firstly always distribute our wares in gift packs because  this makes  them feel special and secondly always include some such items  which were rare for the kids.  One edible item  together with one toy  was more than enough to bring everlasting smiles on their faces . Till now we have distributed  banana's ,  coloured chalks together with slates , balls ,  toffees  ( just a hundred rupees for happiness worth millions ) bubble gums and even small helpings of ice cream  , these are novelties and delicacies for them where as trivia for us . May be we would go in for cup fulls of some soft drink in one of our future visits.

Apart from these musts we also distribute clothes and books and note books and old toys and we have discovered that children whether from the orphanage or the beggars group love to put  jigsaw puzzles together and can be seen to spend hours rearranging them . In fact when we took these things for the first time to an orphanage the person in charge told us that it was the first time anyone had brought such gifts and when we asked him about the reaction of the kids he said it was terrific and that the children had loved the things . According to him the children were fascinated by the toys because they had seen those things only in pictures An old rocking horse was the prized item enthralling all age groups .

The older children had loved the books because it had made them feel superior to the younger lot .

We love our visits to these poor homes, orphanages and the beggars colony  . Because the pleasures that  our visits bring  to the children  give us so much happiness They  bring a smile to our lips a feeling of having brought happiness to someone and that too to "Gods sweetest" creations .

Its not as if we only want to bring happiness to the poor and the less fortunate children . A child may be from any strata of society but he/she is equally vulnerable, so the prince as well as the pauper need equal love and affection. The only difference is that a prince is not denied the material comforts BUT emotionally he too may belong to the deprived lot so bring a smile to any child's lips and find yourself smiling along with him/her. When you see a smiling child you automatically start smiling whether he/she is related to you or not.

There is an old English proverb which says  "The soul is healed by being with children" and Its so true haven't you noticed that a person in whichever state of mind facing what ever calamity can be made to smile if a smiling child is brought to him/her to be very frank even a person sad after a loved ones demise smiles when a   baby or small child is brought to him/her .

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  1. That is a very nice way of celebrating your special days Rajni--i too do the same.
    Love n hugs.

    1. Thanks Indu ji

      I had a feeling you must also be doing it the same way because now that I have known you for so many years I have come to know about your likes and dislikes and also that you do think the same as me . And I am so happy and proud for that .
      and hugs to you too