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Thursday, 5 March 2015

The language of LOVE

The car came to a smooth halt --soft as if on a bed of roses.

She waited anxiously --as he put a reassuring hand on her shoulders signalling her to keep sitting while he walked up and opened the door for her .

She put forward a frail hand which was clasped by those strong palms and then she alighted putting her feet gently on the  floor --he shut the door softly and they  walked up to the apartment, softly, with soft steps she  leaning slightly on him and clutching his  strong hands just a wee bit as if  in search of support .

She crossed the threshold and was led to their bedroom where she reclined on the bed .

The above excerpt may look  like a chapter  of a romantic novel but in actuality it is  a chapter depicting  a very serious and touching episode in the story of my life .

It was exactly five years ago 6th february  2010  I was admitted to the ICU of a hospital with  some cardiac problem  . I stayed in the ICU for three days and in the hospital for 10 days .The above scene was a description of my coming back  home from the hospital after the treatment.

I was advised bed rest for  about a month  .

Apart from all other worries of a heart ailment the bigger worry that was nagging me was How will the family be able to cope with me on bed rest ? how will the daily chores be taken care of ?  Servants could be hired , the number of daily helps could be increased but they couldn't be depended upon .  These  fears and  apprehensions were only acting as hurdles to my recovery  they were playing havoc with my BP readings . The doctors had somehow sensed all this so the last words of advice at the time of discharge were" Don't start doing your housework immediately wait for some time, rest for a few days ".

I had given the doctors a smile which told them that I was not going to follow those instructions so they turned to my daughter and  to my husband asking them to see to  it that I took the required  precautions. 

As we got into the car to go home we, all the three of us, smiled at each other . All the three smiles were hinting at 'Home Sweet Home' . I, to the fact that they must have by now realised how important my contribution to their well being and comforts were and they perhaps to the fact that at last she is coming back home and will take over her  responsibilities . 

When we reached home I was pleasantly surprised to see everything  glistening  everything was spotlessly clean and sparkling ' so they had taken the pains hmm...'

Next morning when I got up I found a cup of  tea kept on the table next to the bed ,  then  , as I entered the bathroom I found everything ready, hot water of the right temperature  my clothes on the towel stand .
Coming out I find hubby dear with breakfast ready and then he was off to the office  having t instructed  the servant to look after me properly. Three or four phone numbers were pasted next to the telephone so that the servant could contact them in case of emergency . The TV was shifted to my room .

When I asked the servant to go and prepare lunch she told me that my daughter had already done that. 

Evening dinner was prepared by the servant under strict vigilance by my husband no excess oil or spices and what was so touching was that they all ate the same bland food as me .

I  wondered how long this would last ---they would be back to their usual lazy self  in a day or two . But no this went on for more than two months . Putting me to shame . The same chores which were performed by me in the whole day and for which I  used to brag , rave and rant that I was so busy and hard working were done without a murmur without a complaint without a grudge . All housework was efficiently done  and what touched me most were the cooking chores performed by my daughter early in the morning before leaving for work and by my husband in the evenings after coming from office . The reason they gave for this was that everything else could be neglected but not the food because that was directly concerned with my well being,  what was more they partook of the same bland food as me because they did not want to tempt me with tastier but harmful food .

What was all this ? if not  LOVE ?it was what makes a HOUSE a HOME . 

It was this episode of my life which told me that , what was responsible for making a house a home was not a woman or a wife BUT it was LOVE which was the agent which brought about the transformation into  the brick and mortar structure . A man could be as loving as a woman, a husband could be as loving and as caring as a wife ( or even more ) a daughter could be as loving and responsible as a mother . 

Times are changing and stereotypes are making way for more humane attitudes in life . 

This was one such episode which made me a slave of love  to my family I find myself eternally indebted to them for the love and care showered by them on me .  Like I said in the beginning all this happened five years ago but I feel as if it all happened today or yesterday The feeling I experienced during those days filled me with so much love and gratitude for my family That my eyes become moist  even today whenever I think about that time . 

If all husbands and children became as caring as my husband and daughter then the world would become such a beautiful place with no place for sadness of any kind all men would start respecting their wives' caring for them ' all children will care for their parents without any greed or grudge and half of society's problems would be taken care of  automatically .

Love is that potion which changes sadness to happiness , selfishness to selflessness and hatred to affinity .

Those days taught me that I was not the only example of  multi tasking. There  were many who believed in multitasking and they did their work without a whimper .  They were not duty bound to do what they did  but they were bound by the feelings of the heart because the only language they knew was the language of Love.

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