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Friday, 6 March 2015


 ."Reeta ! what  on earth is the matter with Esha she is looking so run down ? I had come here to show her dance to these my nieces  but what is this she looks ill what's the matter ? She was so cheerful when I saw her the  day before "

"Yes Aunty has been telling us  so much about her cuteness and dance etc that we came here just to meet her " quipped both my nieces .

Before Reeta could say anything her mother-in-law rushed in with  some burning coal in an earthen pot.She started closing all the doors and windows and while ordering Reeta to sit with the baby in her lap.

I asked her what was happening and she said " there's some evil spirit around, some evil eye has cast a spell on her , that is whe whole day around .Just she how she has pulled down ." She then put a handfull of red dry chillies and mustard seeds on the burning coal resulting in lot of smoke and the room became unbeaable to stay in nearly everyone began coughing and choking including Esha she even began vomiting.

I rushed and opened the windows and  almost pushed Reeta and Esha out of the room incurring the mother-in-law's wrath but I did not care.

After the baby's wails of agony and the grand mother's tirade of anger had both subsided we gave the baby some water mixed with sugar to soothe her nerves and then I asked them what gave them the idea that an evil spirit was around?

Reeta with tears and fears in her eyes looked at her mother-in-law who had taken charge . She told me that Esha did not sleep properly at night , she gets up frequently and passes urine in large quantities during the day too her behaviour had become very erratic and  whenever we check them we find her nappies and panties overflowing with urine , and all this must be due to some evil spell cast by so many of Reeta's jealous friends who come to visit them .

Phew!! what a speech full of hatred from her and what a sigh of relief from me.

"Aunty ! Aunty  ! please calm down and Reeta you too stop those tears of your's ." I said and then I asked them ,what month and what time of the year was it ?  "december and winter isn't it ?"
" Well then the baby urinates a lot due to the weather , and madam Reeta the cold weather and cozy blanket lure you to a sound sleep --sounder than in the summer and during the rains , and you fail to get up everytime the baby wets her nappy you get up only when she starts crying which is after she has passed urine two or three time and all her clothes become drenched unbearable for to sleep in .This makes you think she has passed urine in large quantities "

I saw the mother-in-law ready to pounce on the daughter-in-law so I turned towards her " and Aunty these lovely nappies we make at home with a plastic sheet between the two sides does not soak the urine in fact it transforms the nappy into a pool of water " I had said this because I knew she had stitched them and I wanted her to feel that she has contributed equally to her grand daughter's discomfort.

She sat down like a punctured balloon.

All this wet nappy treatment results in sleeplessness at night and cribbing during the day .In fact they were lucky that the wetness had only affected Esha's sleep and had notreached her chest and lungs which could have caused fever too and in extreme cases pneumonia.

Both the ladies were stunned But then I put their minds at rest that nothing serious had happened and we had a very good remedy for  baby's discomfort  and uneasiness we have to start Pampering her --they looked offended and chorused  "But we do love her so much and pamper her too "
I started laughing --" you do love her and pamper her too but not With "PAMPERS DRY PANTS "  and then I showed them a pack of Pampers dry pants which my nieces had brought with them together with a lot of things as gifts for the baby .They saw it opened it and then saw what was written on the packet about the product , it said .....

"Only the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants promises dryness for your baby on the inside. Its Magic Gel locks in moisture so that your baby’s skin remains dry and healthy for up to 12 hours. And a dry baby is a happy baby."

  Both the ladies were so grateful they clutched me with gratitude and tears of happiness started flowing " Thankyou so much ,we will now pamper our sweetheart with PAMPERS DRY PANTS " and then the granny asked the mommy to bring sweets for us and thanked my nieces for that beautiful gift.

"Aunty we will come again and you better teach her some new dance forms " laughed the girls as we waved  good bye  .

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